The Northeast Biofuels Collaborative is a not-for-profit, public/private partnership dedicated to educating the general public about the economic and environmental benefits of increased biofuel production and use. Members of the Collaborative have ready-access to legislative and regulatory information, and have greater potential to engage in policy decisions that affect the viability of the industry. The New Fuels Alliance and the Renewable Energy Action Project (REAP) formed the Northeast Biofuels Collaborative in April 2007. The Collaborative is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and works with stakeholders in the eight northeastern states. It maintains an affiliation and strategic partnership with the California Renewable Fuels Partnership.



BioEnergy International

Bodega Algae

Interstate Biofuels  


New Generation Biofuels (formerly H2 Diesel)

NorthWinds Biodiesel
Berkshire Biodiesel
Connecticut Biodiesel

Qteros (formerly SunEthanol)


Strategic Partners

Berkshire Economic Development Corporation

California Renewable Fuels Partnership

Cape & Islands Self-Reliance Corporation

Cape Cod Renewable Fuels Partnership

Environment & Energy Study Institute (EESI)

Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR)

Renewable Energy Action Project (REAP)

Who We Are

R. Brooke Coleman

President, New Fuels Alliance
Founder, REAP Coalition

Brooke Coleman is the founder of the Northeast Biofuels Collaborative and president of the New Fuels Alliance, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating stakeholders about the economic and environmental benefits of non-petroleum fuel production and use. He is also the founder of the Renewable Energy Action Project (REAP), a national coalition of organizations promoting renewable energy use. Mr. Coleman has been involved with transportation fuels at the regulatory and policy making level in California and other states since 1998, first as the Clean Fuels and Climate Change Director for Bluewater Network and later at REAP. He led a national campaign to ban the gasoline additive MTBE, and currently promotes renewable fuels as a viable, near-term strategy to address petroleum dependence and global climate change. Mr. Coleman is a graduate of Wesleyan University, the Northeastern University School of Law, and is a member of the Massachusetts State Bar.

Andrew Schuyler

Director, Northeast Biofuels Collaborative

Andrew Schuyler has worked as a reporter for several newspapers in the northeast, and served as Chief of Staff in the Massachusetts Senate. During his seven-year tenure in state politics, Mr. Schuyler succeeded in advancing several projects directly related to economic growth, environmental protection, and sustainable energy development. He also worked on a variety of issues that strengthened renewable energy standards, and was a founding member of the Berkshire Renewable Energy Collaborative. Mr. Schuyler has extensive relationships with policy makers, the press, and regulators, as well as a clear understanding of state and federal legislative processes. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and serves on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters and the Advisory Board of The Institute for Massachusetts Biofuels Research.